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41% of Grantham Grads Come Back for a Second Degree!¹
Why not join them?

You know the kind of attention, support and learning experience you get from Grantham University. Take that next step on your educational – and career-prep – journey. Come back and get your next degree from the University that knows you as family.
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I returned to school for my master’s degree facing a demanding job and frequent travel, but the staff at Grantham … worked professionally with me to ensure I was successful in completing my courses and graduating.

Stephanie Harwell

2005 & 2011 Alum


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94% of Grantham Students Would Recommend Us to a Friend!²
Help your friends help themselves.

96% of our students are satisfied with their studies … and 94% achieved their learning goals. As one of our alumni, odds are you achieved at least one of your learning goals. Remember how that felt? Why not share the experience with your friends? Help them by giving them our number.

¹Institutional Data, June 2016
²As reported in Grantham’s 2015 DEAC Annual Report

It was such an amazing experience. I would recommend it to any and every student who wants to go to college and pursue their education.

Bridget Brown

2016 Alum


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